About the Live Life Healthy Plan

Healthier employees. Healthier employers. Healthier businesses.

Healthy employees are absolutely critical to sustaining a healthy business. When employees are healthier, they’re happier, more productive, and better equipped to enjoy their lives both on and off the job.

The Live Life Healthy plan is a supplemental preventative health management plan designed to help employers address the challenges of keeping their workforce healthy with a plan that offers a health benefit at zero net cost to both employer and employee.

Through the Live Life Healthy plan, subscribers gain access to a full range of comprehensive healthcare programs and services, a world-class combination of telemedicine, screening, testing, coaching, and much more. It includes many of the most important tools needed to live a healthier life in a convenient, user friendly package.

The Live Life Healthy plan allows employees to pay for qualified health care with pre-tax dollars in accordance with Section 125 of the IRC tax code. Through the plan’s premium, members effectively reduce their taxable income and enjoy an increase in their paychecks.

The result is an increase in pay for the employee and higher profitability for the company. Everybody is healthier, and everybody wins!

Live Life Healthy Plan Details

Carrier based – fully insured – limited benefit medical plan. State licensed and Actuarial Certified

Premium deducted pre-tax. Tax savings pays full cost of plan, resulting in larger employee paycheck.

Plan is fully compliant with long standing Section 125 IRS guidelines and all IRS guidance