Now more than ever, great health can begin where you work

A new approach to preventative healthcare for employees

The Live Life Healthy plan is a comprehensive suite of modern health care tools designed to make sure that you’re happy, healthy, and productive throughout life.

Plan members also typically enjoy

A substantial annual increase in their paycheck

Zero net cost for both employee and employer

Generous net savings for each enrolled employee

How the Live Life Healthy Program works

Adding the Live Life Healthy plan to your company’s benefits plan couldn’t be easier. We offer automatic enrollment for employees, as well as white glove support for employers every step of the way, from setup, implementation, software integration, and payroll, to ongoing tax and legal advice.

Modern, real-world benefits to keep your employees healthy and productive for life

Healthcare has changed dramatically. The Live Life Healthy plan includes a comprehensive set of the most crucial health benefits and programs that fit the way your employees live and work.

Stay connected to your health 24/7 with our app

Many of our programs are accessible 24/7 directly from our award-winning health management app. From telemedicine to coaching and health screening, It’s the easiest way to enjoy your monthly health activity.